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Valuation of ESOP & Sweat Equity

An ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) refers to an employee benefit plan which offers employees an ownership interest in the organization. Employee stock ownership plans are issued as direct stock, profit-sharing plans or bonuses, and the employer has the sole discretion in deciding who could avail of these options.

However, Employee stock ownership plans are just options that could be purchased at a specified price before the exercise date. There are defined rules and regulations laid out in the Companies Rules which employers need to follow for granting of Employee stock ownership plans to their employees.

Purpose of ESOP Valuations

Accounting valuation is required for recording employee compensation cost in the books of accounts.

Tax valuation is required to determine the value of perquisite in the hands of employees for the taxation of their remuneration.

Statutory requirements: Companies Act 2013 & SEBI.

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